Outlier: Life, Law and Politics in the West- Garrett Wilson
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Outlier: Life, Law and Politics in the West



Born in the dust bowl of the Great Depression, Garrett Wilson, Q.C. has been part of many of the significant events that shaped Saskatchewan. A distinguished lawyer turned award-winning historian and best-selling author, he was active in many of the political events of his time. From J.G. (Jimmy) Gardiner to Premier Ross Thatcher, from Lester Pearson to Pierre Trudeau to Lynda Haverstock, Garrett was involved with them all, working to advance the interests of some and struggling against the politics of others.

Outlier: Life, Law and Politics in the West is full of astute personal insights, intriguing anecdotes about growing up during the drought and depression of the 1930s and first-hand accounts of political and legal life. Garrett Wilson’s entertaining and intimate portrait of Saskatchewan, its politics and its people imbues a sense of place that speaks to anyone interested in the province.