Frontier Farewell- Garrett Wilson
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Frontier Farewell

Frontier Farewell: The 1870s and the End of the Old West

“Buffalo!” The old horseman struggled to his feet and boldly began his toast with glass held high, his weather-worn visage conspicuous in the room full of young men.  Then “BUFFALO,” this time more quietly.  Then, after a long pause, “buffalo,” almost in a whisper…

Thus Garrett Wilson introduces his epic account of the 1870s, a decade that saw unprecedented changes come to the Great Plains of North America: famine, fire and pestilence – the disappearance of the buffalo – the last stand of the Sioux and and the Métis – the Boundary Survey and the “March West” of the North-West Mounted Police – men like Dumont, Walsh, Macleod and Sitting Bull – all encompassed within a brief 10 years, which was the disappearance of the Old West, and the birth of a new society.

Frontier Farewell won the 2007 Saskatchewan Book Awards prize for Scholarly Writing and was described by a prominent academic reviewer as “making a significant contribution to scholarship on the history of the Canadian West.”

In 2014, the University of Regina Press published a second edition of Frontier Farewell.

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